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How to add header on Request ?
There are two ways to do it
Using Listview options :
On Header menu, Right-click to add or change a header. and you will see a new window like the example shown below

Add Header : You can add all method of header you want to use i.e "Host:","User-Agent:","Connection:",etc..

Use "NETDATA" string for Original Request [URI]
Line : the use of lines in the header option by using
  • \r as "Carriafe Retunr" and

  • \n as Line Feed
Status :
  • OUT : Request Headers or Payloads

  • IN : Respon Headers or Payloads

  • DEL+OUT : Delete Request Headers

  • DEL+IN : Delete Respon Headers
Thanks to :
David C.Lorem : optimize the use of listview and Fixed Cpu Usage feature with other component.
Erique Constituendum : Report a problem using Front method [Loop bug]
Rief : Suggestion to not use the log on process data connections on Program
Banyu XT : Slider Feature (Start/Stop)
z4y4 : Whos give me inspiration to use listview on my project
apei79zx : Report a problem of config can still be seen that causes delay on PhreakMy HQ version 1.5.1
Jenita Janet : suggestion to not use shape component that causes high cpu usage.
I L : suggestions to add SSH Tunnel features on PhreakMy HQ advance version 1.5.3
doZank : Whos give me inspiration of optimizing the use of replace string
ali : Whos give me inspiration of Graphic Traffic Meter using VrScope [TMS component]
and all of bugs4u members

What's new on version 1.6.9 ?
- Add Trial config Featured
- Removed Memo Payload featured
- Change carriage return and line by using \r\n strings
- Optimized List of Payload configurations
- add checkbox on list payload and replace string

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